Pregnancy & Infant Loss Memorial Service – October 17

This service is for women and men who have suffered loss of a baby, as well as for their children and their extended family and friends, whether the loss be recent or historic.
All are welcome regardless of the type of loss they have experienced, whether they have been through miscarriage, abortion, still birth, early infant loss or any type of baby or child loss.
If you need to say goodbye to a baby or to grief, or you want to come along with a friend who needs to say goodbye, you are welcome.
Loss at any stage is traumatic. Early loss is often not acknowledged or discussed, with commemorative services seldom taking place, whilst services for babies who are stillborn or lost in early years, are usually conducted while parents are in a fog of grief and pain.
This services will give you the opportunity to stand with other people ‘who know’ the pain of losing a child, and acknowledge and remember your lost children.

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