A prayer for couples preparing for marriage Lord, help me to remember that it takes two people to build a marriage, and I am one. of them. Help me to look at myself as I really am, not as I picture myself to be. Help me to look at my partner with love and respect and charity and understanding. Help us look together at You as the Love that is always there simply waiting for us to ask for it.

A guide to celebrating a Catholic marriage

Jesus had a wonderful vision for Marriage:

Two people so perfectly united in love,
That they would no longer be two, but one.
Two people so perfectly united in love,
That they could live life to the full.
Two people so perfectly united in love,
That their joy would be complete.

Why then do so many marriages fail? So much depends on what each groom and each bride brings to the marriage. The very important ‘things’ that brides and grooms bring to a marriage have little to do with bank balances, property, and certainly not with ‘marriage agreements’.

That is why Marriage preparation is important.

The church wants your marriage to be all that Jesus wants for you, and that you would want for yourselves.

For frequently asked questions about Marriage in the Cathoic Church, click on – Marriage in the Catholic Church – FAQ

Christian marriage

Christian Marriage is a Sacrament. Sacraments are celebrations of the Church, and so the Church has guidelines (rules if you like), to determine the way that people prepare for and then celebrate them.


Marriage is a very important Sacrament; not only for the couple but for the family. The sad reality is that many marriages fail. Failure comes at a high cost personally and perhaps financially. It is the hope of the church community to help couples avoid this heartache and so the Catholic church now insists that every couple preparing for Christian marriage does pre-marriage education.

What is required?

Ideally couples should give twelve months notice of their intention to marry to the celebrant, and to the Church. However the minimum period of notice expected is six months.

This allows couples to prepare well; to identify their strengths and weaknesses; to build on their strengths and to work at correcting their weaknesses; it may also help couples to avoid a marriage for which they are not yet ready.

The policy

It is the policy of the Catholic Church in Australia that couples intending to celebrate their marriage in this community are to participate in formal pre-marriage education.

What to do?

Step 1) Phone or call at the Parish office (4151 6666) and make an appointment to begin preparations for marriage. At this time you can make a tentative booking of the Church.

Step 2) After the first appointment during which some of the marriage documents will be prepared, the Church Booking can be confirmed with the payment of a booking fee of $50.00. (This will be refunded if the cancellation is made six weeks prior to the wedding day). This would be part of the total church fee($700 for Holy Rosary Weddings and $500 for St Mary’s, St Patrick’s and St James).

Unfortunately, the $50.00 could be seen as an incentive to contact the Office and cancel the booking if the marriage does not proceed. In the past some couples have made speculative bookings or cancelled their wedding without notifying the Office, thus preventing other couples availing themselves of that day or time slot.

Step 3) Contact CENTACARE on 4153 2532 and make arrangements to complete the second phase of marriage preparation. (Ideally this part of the preparation could be put first, and come before the formal Engagement.)

Step 4) On completion of the CENTACARE course, make another appointment through the Parish Office (4151 6666) to prepare the marriage ceremony. Since it is your marriage, you are asked to choose the scripture readings, blessings and other elements that you would like to hear on your wedding day. (If you intend to produce a wedding booklet, you may like to have it proof read before you go to print).

Step 5) Make an appointment for a wedding rehearsal. This can take place any time prior to the wedding, but no later than 5.00PM on the day before the wedding.

Things you need

1) Birth certificates (full or extracts)
2) Baptismal certificates
– From the church where you were baptised. (If this is not possible, e.g. the Registers have been burned in a Church fire, a signed letter from a parent or adult who can verify your baptism will suffice)