Planned giving

Giving money to the Church is one of the best ways to support it and its 15% tax deductible. There are a couple ways to do this:- Envelopes, and direct debit/credit card.


To receive a years worth of envelopes(one for each week), contact the Parish office.

Direct debit or Credit Card

Technology has caught up with us!!!!!

Although the planned giving envelope has served us well for a century or two and will still be used, we have been asked by several Parishioners if ‘other’ arrangements are available…

So, how does Direct Debit work?

You nominate a frequency:(weekly, fortnightly or monthly) an amount and an account and the amount is automatically drawn as per your instructions. A receipt can be used if required and a record is kept of your pledges for tax deductible purposes.

Simply fill out a Direct Debit Form at the Parish office.