Baptism is a special time of joy and celebration of the gift of new life. It is a time of great hopes and dreams for your child as a member of your family.

Our Church has its hopes and dreams for each member of its family too. We hope that each child welcomed through the Sacrament of Baptism will grow to appreciate God our Father’s love for everyone, to know about Jesus and come to love Him, to be aware of the Spirit that gives us the power to live like Christ, and to want to take part in the life of the Church in this Parish.

What are Sacraments?

Sacraments are:

  • human activities;
  • that have become symbolic ritual actions;
  • clarified by the word of God;
  • celebrated by the church community;
  • recognised as the actions of Christ;
  • that deepen our relationship with God; and
  • strengthen us to carry on the mission of Jesus.

What is the Sacrament of Baptism?

The sacrament of Baptism is the entry point for adults, children and infants into the Church.

Through Baptism a person is welcomed into the Catholic Christian community.

Why Baptise infants?

There are two principal reasons for baptising infants:

  1. The Parents

The parents are accepting the serious duty of sharing their faith with their child and asking for the help of godparents.

  1. The Christian Community

Through the parent’s commitment to the faith community, the child will also learn from, be supported by, and be encouraged to love as a member of the community of disciples of Christ Jesus.

Several infants baptised at the same time symbolise each child’s union with the larger, world-wide Church.


The Catholic Church requires at least one godparent who has received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist in the Catholic faith and is at least sixteen years of age.

Other people chosen from other Christian churches are considered to be witnesses. Their names will appear on the Baptism Certificate as Christian Witnesses.

If the godparent is unable to attend the celebration of Baptism, godparent by proxy is possible.

Godparents have the responsibility of supporting the parents in guiding the child’s faith life, moral and spiritual growth.

What happens during a Baptism?

The celebration of the Rite of Baptism takes place during a communal gathering of family and friends with the faith community.

There are four main parts to the baptism liturgy:

Signing with the Cross

The parents and godparents are asked to state their intentions to accept the responsibility of nurturing their child’s faith. The Sign of the Cross is made on the child’s forehead.

Listening to the Word of God

Every liturgy is based around the word of God in Scripture. The presider gives a short homily or reflection on the readings.

Celebrating the Rite of Baptism

The parents and godparents will gather around the font and make the BAPTISMAL PROMISES on behalf of their child. The presider will POUR WATER over the child’s head, saying “I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Next the child is:

  • ANOINTED WITH THE OIL OF BAPTISM on the chest and, after baptism, with the OIL OF CHRISM on the crown of the head.
  • CLOTHED in a WHITE GARMENT, symbol of ‘putting on Christ’. It is a shawl or gown or overthrow sometimes used by previous generations.
  • PRESENTED WITH A BAPTISM CANDLE which will be lit from the Paschal (Easter) candle, symbol of the light of Christ. It is entrusted to the parents and godparents to be kept burning brightly.


The Lord’s Prayer and blessing are prayed together. A Baptismal Certificate is given to the parents to keep as a record of their child’s initiation into the Church and presented for future sacraments.


Parents are invited to participate in preparation for the baptism and is required before your child is baptised.

Four (4) weeks is considered the minimum time allowed to complete the preparation.

Preparation includes: l attending one Preparation Session l organising the provision of symbols of the baptism candle and white garment l clarifying all questions

Preparation Sessions

WHEN: The first Sunday of the month

TIME: 10.30am — 11.30am

WHERE: Novakoski Centre, behind Holy Rosary Church, Woongarra Street

LED BY: A member of the Baptism Team

Preparation occurs in a group setting and encourages discussion and faith sharing.

Baptismal Candles available from:

Christian Gift & Bookstore Rossolini Place Level 1/66 Woongarra Street Bundaberg Queensland 4670 Telephone: 07 4151 6666 Facsimile: 07 4153 3102

St Vincent de Paul Store 18 McLean Street Bundaberg Queensland 4670 Telephone: 07 4151 5455 Facsimile: 07 4151 1521

White Garment

Supplied by the family.

Administrative Fee

$30 per baptism.

When can we Baptise our baby?

The Church stresses the importance of celebrating Baptism with the gathered Church and on the Day of Resurrection (Sunday).

Baptisms are celebrated during a weekend Mass or outside Mass on certain Sundays of the month.

Baptisms are not celebrated in this parish during the season of Lent, the six week period before Easter.

Baptisms During Mass

1st Saturday: 6.00pm St Patrick’s Church

2nd Sunday: 9.00am St Mary’s Church

3rd Sunday: 7.00am St James’ Church

4th Sunday: 8.00am Holy Rosary Church

Baptisms Outside Mass

2nd Sunday: 10.30am Holy Rosary Church

3rd Sunday: 10.30am Holy Rosary Church

Baptism in Hospital

If a baby is baptised in hospital, and at a later date is able to go home, parents should contact the Parish Office to make arrangements to complete the celebration.

For more information

For more information, please contact the Parish Office via telephone no. 4151 6666 or email